I would like to thank you and your staff John for the superb service you provided to myself and two of my clients. The three days we spent with you and your team were exceptional not only in the deer you presented to us, but also with the hospitality and accomodation you organised for us. I hope to arrange another visit very soon.  TJ - Manchester


Great service as ever John - looking forward to my fourth stalk with you in two weeks time. DS - Filey



Thanks for a great time John, I thought I could shoot accurately until you pointed out a few basic faults - wow what a difference it made. The two bucks we shots were magnificent and I now have the trophies & pictures to look back on. My wife says can she have some more vension please ? Thanks again John see you again soon. VT - London


John I would just like to thankyou for helping me get through my level 2. It has been a pleasure to be out stalking with you and for you showing me certain points which I think make the job so much easier and cleaner (the bladder) say no more!! It certainly opens your eyes when youve been stalking deer for a few years quite successfully and thinking that your doing everything correctly then from a few pointers from yourself makes it all the better. Thankyou very much, hope to be out on the Does with you. Kind regards, Karl - E Yorks


John thanks for the excellent advice and the benefit of your professional stalking skills associated with my successful DSC2 qualification. As you know the assessor and verifier were very complimentary about my portfolio and it is in no small measure that you deserve equal credit. I would recommend your services to anyone interested in deer stalking or studying for the Deer Society awards. BR - Cleveland

Many thanks John for an excellent season you really are very organised and professional and that stalk of 1 and 3/4 hours for 3 does was magic ! I also really liked the DVD sequence you did, now I can relive all the excitement again and again !!  Nick - N Yorks


I can highly recommend John and his outfit. I have stalked with him on numerous occasions and shot some very good heads. He has a great deal of ground all over East & North Yorkshire with a considerable amount of Roe on it. He is a very experienced professional who will do his utmost to get his client some deer and also make the time spent very enjoyable. I have no reservations in recommending him wholeheartedly. JC - Cleveland


Imagine the dawn giving rise to a pale golden light over a stubble field. In the distance, a Roe buck some 300 yards away. John had a good idea he woould be there and where he may be heading. Slowly walking along the edge of a wood, the buck disappeared only to reappear some 20 minutes later and disappear, melting into the woodland. "Give it a few more minutes, and if he hasn't shown we'll move on"..............such is the atmostphere around deer stalking. The anticipation and fear that you will not see him again and then, after a heart thumping few minutes, he appears, bathed in light and moving quietly into the fieldsome 40 yards away. A sharp crack from the rifle and the deer leapt into the air with a heart shot.....in the place advised by "the master". What a day. My first stalk, my first Roe buck and praise from John Robson for a good shot was praise indeed. It may not have been the most difficult stalk but it was my first, a truly memorable occasion and one which I could reccommend. Looking forward to the venison and another day! Roy - Northallerton


YDS - Just want to say thank you for successfully reducing deer numbers on my farm to a mangeable level. I have noticed that over recent times deer numbers have been growing and my crops, not to mention my pocket, have taken a big hit, which I cannot afford to sustain. I was impressed by your quick response and professional approach, and as deer numbers will no doubt grow again, I'll certainly be calling you back. JB - Lincoln [Farmer]


Just a quick note to say I had my visit from the Police Firearms Officer this morning. We had a good chat about my application and I showed him the pictures and the video of the buck we shot. I'm sure it helped and my request for a 22 rimfire and a 6.5x55 centrefire weren't questioned. After further discussions regarding my future stalking intentions it became obvious a third rifle may be necessary and he agreed to add a 7mm08, primarily for longer range hill stalking. Thank-you for all your help with this John, I think the photographs and video made a big difference. I'll hopefully be up your way soon. Cheers, RG - E Staffordshire


Zeiss Sponsorship. Well done John you have worked very hard for your clients and the sport in general you certainly deserve this. Admin - Hunter World Forum.


A most enjoyable and memorable weeks stalking in Yorkshire during the end of the 2011 roe deer rut! Despite adverse weather throughout the whole week, both you and your other guide, Ian, worked very hard indeed morning, noon and night
to find and call bucks over the 12 outings that we had with you. Had it not been for walkers and other factors (Rufus!) we would certainly have taken a few bucks more. Whilst its not a numbers game, we saw plenty of good bucks, experienced
exciting stalks and enjoyed taking a medal buck and two good, representative bucks. A big thanks to you and your team for a great weeks stalking in the UK ! Charles & Anja, South Africa 

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